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Shooting Range / Trap Shooting

Shooting Range / Trap Shooting

Walk out the front door of the lodge and warm up with trap shooting or after your days pheasant limit, spend time with your .22 plinking or bring your .223.

Shooting Range

Warm up before the hunt

Before The Hunt Warm Up

Dakota Hot Spots offers a remote controlled fully automatic trap shooting machine which will give you a chance to warm up your sights before the hunt each day.

22 Target Practice

22 Target Practice & 22 plinking

.22 Plinking

Bring the trusty .22! We have a few plinking targets for your group. Make sure to pack targets and paper.

Annie Oakley / Wolf Chase

Annie Oakley / Wolf Chase

After Hunt Challenges

Limit out quick? After the hunt if you want to have challenge matches with your colleagues, our multiple action thrower is right out in front of the lodge. For the spectators in the lodge, mix a cocktail and watch the excitement. Annie Oakley matches or as some call them (Wolf Chase) are great games to keep the group hooting and hollering.