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Early Season Pheasant Hunts

Early Season Pheasant Hunts

Early Season Pheasant Hunts

Early season starts September 1st

Early season pheasant hunts start September 1 and runs up till the 3rd weekend of October each year. September 1-30 we offer a 10% discount. Early season pheasant hunts can be hot, so bring a short sleeve shirt under your vest just in case.

The pheasants are more scattered this time of year, since all the crops are still in. So the birds are not going to be as group together and shooting young roosters is quite common.

Early Season Pheasant Hunts

Flushing Rooster on a Early Season Pheasant Hunt

Early Season Entertainment

After the hunt, enjoy the weather outside with a cocktail or hit our shooting range after your hunt. Major League Baseball games are still going in September and October bring the post-season MLB baseball after the hunt.

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Early Season Pheasant Hunting

Pheasants flushing on a early season South Dakota pheasant hunt

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South Dakota early season pheasant hunts is the perfect time to entertain your company executives, distributors, family or say thanks to great clients. Call our Lodge Manager/Partner Percy for questions on early season pheasant hunts today.

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