Other Hunts

Other Hunts

We offer a variety of other hunts at Dakota Hotspots. Our reputation is built on great hunts, great accommodations and lots of great food.

Fall Goose Hunting

We farm for the "birds" and each season we strive to improve important hunting areas. We carefully select and manage our pheasant and upland game birds areas for optimum bird production, with emphasis placed on nesting habitat and food plots.



Predator Hunts

Predators are abundant due to the high populations of other game. We offer a limited amount of coyote hunts at Dakota Hotspots. Contact us to add predator hunting in addition to a great pheasant hunt. Are You Ready?




Grouse & Prairie Chicken

Scouting has been done already for you. You will be dropped off in specific locations where the birds will be flying from their roost to their feeding areas.


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