I have been out to Dakota Hotspots 4 times now and it never gets old seeing monster flushes of wild roosters and hens. The overhead shots and side to side shots you get out at Dakota Hotspots are unreal. I consider myself a pretty decent shot until I get out to Dakota Hotspots. Somehow these wild pheasants will humble you if you didn't bring your A game. I hunt all over the state of South Dakota and this is truely a unique experience. My 3rd trip to Dakota Hotspots yielded the largest rooster spurs I have ever seen hands down. I posted the spurs photo on the internet and pheasant hunters marveled at the "Gramps" rooster or "Super Spurs" as some called it. I'll probably never see spurs that big again in my lifetime.

Ryan Trask, Shakopee, Minnesota

October found myself and a friend in Kennebec, South Dakota for opening day of the pheasant season. Our hosts were those friendly folks at Dakota Hotspots. What a great place to experience a once in a lifetime hunt! From the warm lodge to the managed fields and food plots. From the sporting clays course to the 4x4 converted hunters bus. These guys really know how to fulfill your highest expectations. Was the hunting good? It was unbelievable! I have hunted pheasant in Texas, Kansas and Iowa but never have I seen anything like this year in South Dakota! And with the great dogs Hotspots provided, I don't recall a single bird lost that hit the ground. I just wanted to share my wonderful experience in your hunter friendly state with your readers. What a great resource the magnificent pheasant is for South Dakota. See ya'll next year!

Tom Harris, Austin, Texas

Hunting at Dakota Hotspots is an exciting event every Pheasant hunter truly should experience at least once in their lifetime. In over fifteen years of avid hunting, I have never seen so many pheasants in one day. The party hunt was exceptionally well-organized and safe. The guides were extremely knowledgeable and experienced. It was a memorable day of hunting I will never forget. I almost forgot to mention the food!

Joe Kratzke, Mankato, Minnesota

We have used Dakota Hot Spots several times for corporate hunts. They provide outstanding facilities in which to entertain and socialize with our customers. The staff is always welcoming and friendly. The food and lodging is outstanding. The guides always provide a hunt that is truly something most only dream about. We will continue to thank our customers by bringing them back to Dakota Hot Spots.

Chad O'Donnell, Biersbach Equipment & Supply